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Name: Benjamin Isaac Braeden

Canon: Supernatural

Age: 18 as of 3/25/17. Although he's been known to say everything from 12-77 when asked.

Appearance: 5'8; a little pudgy although there's definite muscle underneath. Black stubble for hair. Brown eyes. His usual uniform is jeans and offbeat t- or sweatshirts, depending on the weather. Piercings include his earlobes (which he is totally failing to stretch although he'll never admit it), left eyebrow, left nostril, industrial in his right ear, outer conch ring in his right ear. (Although even his mun doesn't know what he might show up with at this point!) Anti-possession tattoo on his right shoulder. (For reference: )

Personality: Fiery. Fiercely loyal. Has both a wild sense of humor and a strong depressive streak running through him. He figured out a long time ago that he has to approach people and situations with his heart wide open, and he's got the emotional scars to prove it. Artistic, but sometimes feels dull and blocked. Adventurous, but gets discouraged quickly. Tough, but depression saps his strength. He's had issues with drugs and alcohol, as young as he is. He's currently sober, and working to stay that way. Is sometimes teenagery-dumb. Has an IQ of 135. Hates school with a passion. Has no idea where he's going in life, and feels like he doesn't measure up to more motivated peers. Loves his cat, his boyfriend, and his mom. Has a passion for metalworking (see: artistic).

Background: Was born March 25th, 1999 to Lisa Braeden and a random biker dude she met at a bar one time and never saw again. Or possibly Dean Winchester. But she was pretty sure it was the biker.

Either way, by the time Ben turned eight, the life he and his mom had was pretty far removed from Lisa's bar-hopping, yoga-instructing, dubiously-legal youth, and Ben was headed towards a bog-standard suburban upbringing.

Cue Dean Winchester's return into their lives.

Ben's first taste of the supernatural came soon after his eighth birthday, when a family of changelings started stealing away the kids in the neighborhood. Winchester Bros., Inc. came in and routed the monsters, but not until after Ben gets kidnapped (and after Dean urges him to kick the kid bullying him in the nuts).

Two years later, Dean Winchester is back, and this time apparently for good--although it turns out to be only a year when his brother unexpectedly comes back from Hell and gets him back into the family business. This was, according to Lisa, the "best year of her life" and Ben felt they were becoming family all together. Unfortunately, though, that's all Ben could tell you about that time of his life, seeing as Dean decided the best way to break things off and keep them safe was to wipe both their memories of the time completely. After a demon possessed and stabbed Lisa, Dean gets his friend and resident angel, Castiel, to use his powers to heal Lisa and erase her and Ben's memories of Dean, letting them think that the reason they were in the hospital was because of a car wreck.

--End canon point--

Except...erasing a person out of your life and memory isn't that easy. Things very quickly started not to add up--why did Lisa's hospital charts say she was admitted for a stab wound? Why didn't they have record of Ben's admission at all? But at that point things could still be chalked up to disorientation and poor record keeping.

Until they were discharged from the hospital and went home to find Lisa's boyfriend dead and splattered around the living room.

After that, things just kept piling up higher and higher. Who was this man in their family pictures that neither of them recognized? Why did their neighbors seem to think Ben had a dad who occasionally came to visit them? (Why did their memories of the last year seem to match up so closely with a random episode of Doogie Howser, MD that Lisa happened to catch one night?)

Lisa started to crack around the edges. She got sucked farther and farther into trying to make sense of her--their--memories. Ben was left trying to hold them together. They lost their, friends, their house (and didn't it make sense that they had financed that mortgage for two incomes?) and, eventually, the very structure that made up their lives. And when they finally cracked the code and discovered Hunting, only seemed natural, at that point, to dive in.

So, they hunted. Ghosts and werewolves, and not to put too fine a point on it, themselves. Lisa lost custody of Ben twice. Ben got lost in drugs. But, ever so slowly, they started to pull themselves back together.

They have a house, now. In St. Paul. It's not a big house, but they don't need one. Lisa makes protection charms for money--although she makes more of her money crafting handmade fishing flies and selling them to eccentric rich people over the internet. Ben got sober. He works for a pizza place part time while he tries to figure out what he's doing. Lisa's still trying to figure out the man who stole her memories. Ben is...well. Ben is now dating a certain Adam Milligan who escaped from Hell, since a certain Trickster thinks he is a hilarious matchmaker. Life is looking...interesting.


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